We will sell your coins on eBay for the lowest commissions around. Items are listed under the account maunishshah_com, a Top-Rated Powerseller account with 100% Positive Feedback rating.

All items are listed with an appealing, accurate, and detailed description, as well as photographs. Photographs are approximately 1000 pixels wide, which is large enough to see all details, and additional photographs for varieties are included as necessary. To comply with eBay policy, full slab shots are also included for all slabbed coins.

Why sell with us? Here are just a few reasons:

Low Cost
My commissions are the lowest around. I sell on consignment because I enjoy dealing with coins and earning a bit of money to fund my collection. I don’t need to make a killing on each sale to be happy. Convenience
I take care of everything–photography, listing, shipping, and dealing with bidders and buyers. You can just sit back and relax. Fast Turnaround
Coins are typically listed within 1-2 weeks of receipt, and consignors are typically paid within 10-14 business days after the completion of the auction. Note that large consignments or consignments with bulky items may take longer to process. International Bidders Welcomed
I am happy to ship internationally, and I will do so to nearly every country on the globe. With so many bidders located outside the U.S., why limit your market? This is especially true with foreign coins where many buyers are happy to pay a little more because it is difficult for them to find sellers who will ship to their location. Low Shipping Costs
Buyers will bid more when the shipping costs are lower. My auctions feature low shipping and insurance costs, so bidders can pay you more. Detailed Accounting
At the conclusion of each auction, I will provide a spreadsheet detailing all fees upon request. You will know the exact amount you receive for each item. Buyer Satisfaction
Our feedback is 100% positive for a reason–buyers appreciate accurate images, honest descriptions, and fast and fair shipping.

The following is our fee structure. Compare our commissions with those of other sellers and you’ll see, we are the lowest around!

I charge 10% for each listing, with a $10 minimum eBay and PayPal fees
eBay charges listing fees (fixed), and final value fees (based on the closing price of the auction). General listings fees run just $.15, but I am happy to add additional features such as 10-day, bold title, 2nd category, etc. As a high-volume seller, my final value fees are lower than those of a smaller volume seller.
PayPal charges a fee for each transaction. You can benefit from my business account which is assessed a lower fee than personal accounts. If a buyer pays with a check or money order, there is no PayPal fee.

Please read my terms & conditions here.