British India Gold Mohur – 1835 & 1841 Proof Mule Varieties

Recently, I came across 2 interesting coins, Proof mule restrikes of the 1835 & 1841 Mohurs. These 2 varieties have gone unnoticed by the majority of the collectors & dealers. Major publications including Pridmore & Paul Stevens have not attributed these coins till date. These varieties are typically seen in proof restrikes, made for collectors in the late 1960-1970’s from the dies that were sent from the Calcutta mint to the Bombay mint. I believe that were produced at the same time for the enjoyment of a few privileged collectors in India. However, these coins are extremely rare and difficult to acquire.

Let’s start with the 1835 gold Mohur – Below are 2 images of the mohur, the first one is the one that is documented and that we are all aware of. Paul Stevens calls this SW 1.16 and Pridmore refers to this coin as PR 17. I’ll like to call the 2nd one as SW 1.16a, the 1835 mohur is muled with the reverse of the 1841 Mohur. The difference is on the palm leaves below the letter ‘M’.

Very similar to the 1835 Mohur Mule, the 1841 Proof Restrike Mule divided legends, has been documented by Paul as SW 3.12 & by Pridmore as PR 23. I would like to call this mule as SW 3.12a, this 1841 mohur is muled with the reverse of the 1835 Mohur. The difference is on the palm leaves below the letter ‘M’. 

Paul has been informed of these 2 discoveries including NGC & PCGS.

– Picture credits: Heritage Auctions & a dear friend/collector from Australia
– Baldwins Auctions
– SW Catalog – Uniform coinage of India, 1835 to 1947, Randy Weir & Paul Stevens