A Collection of Patterns & Die Trials from Baroda

This unique exceptional series of tests/trials were produced with a view to issue the new rupee of Baroda, put into circulation in 1891. The bust of the obverse is very close to the model chosen for the current issue. On the other hand, the floral decoration of the reverse of the copper test will not be retained. The final reverse will present a saber in a laurel wreath, a motif that appears on the tin-lead shot.

Baroda, Sayaji Rao III, 1875-1938, Series of four trial patterns VS1946 (1891), includes India’s biggest ever coin graded by NGC in the MegaHolder

  1. Rupee, Off metal strike, copper trial pattern, 30.4mm, 9.56gms
  2. Rupee, Uniface Obverse trial strike , Silver Pattern 28.4mm, 9.99gms
  3. Rupee, Uniface Reverse trial strike, Tin Pattern, 35.4mm, 31.25gms
  4. Rupee, Uniface Obverse trial strike, Tin Pattern, 72.1mm, 173.03 gms (NGC MegaHolder – now this coin weighs 500gms)

This article is published in the mint error monthly newsletter by Mike Byers – issue 53 page 63